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Presentations and seminars confirmed for 2008
(check back periodically for additions, exact dates and times)
April 22 - 23
Ecocity World Summit, San Francisco, California
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May 7 - 16
Narrative Matters, Toronto, Canada
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June 1 - 5
Making Cities Livable, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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June 4 - 7
Media, Spiritualities and Social Change School of Journalism and Mass Communication Boulder, Colorado
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June 17 - 20
Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Montreal, Canada
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June 14 - 15
Marin Arts Festival, San Rafael, California
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September 19 - 21
Three Day Seminar
Our Living Earth: Renewing our Relationship to Nature and Culture, Zagreb, Croatia

Nov. 30 - Dec. 5
Praxis Peace Institute Annual Conference, Palm Springs, California
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If you are interested in inviting Osprey to speak to your organization or at an event, please contact
Osprey Orielle Lake creates her presentations specifically for each audience.  With a lifetime interest in earth-based ancient and contemporary cultures, Ms. Lake's insights are expressed through her artwork and narratives, which reflect how the honoring of cultural differences, integrated with appreciation for nature, creates a sense of belonging and connection, both locally and globally.
Throughout time the great arts have helped people expand the way they see the world.  Ms. Lake travels and lectures internationally, pursuing her interest in indigenous philosophies and environmental sustainability while endeavoring to inspire others to engage in personal and societal transformation.  She explores cultural connections that are essential at this turning point in history so that what emerges is a new dream and cultural story for a balanced industrial-technological age.

To see Osprey Orielle Lake's personal website go to:

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