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We invite all individuals, organizations, companies and governments worldwide to share their ideas, suggestions and resources with us.

The Mari Project is currently seeking appropriate public access locations for the Mari Monument.

Our objective is to sell the monument directly to a company, corporation, public service organization, park, or development agency that wishes to participate in this exciting international project.

We hope that all who participate will recognize the Mari Project as a way to express concerns about our united future that reaches beyond the boundaries of our every day activities.

We are inviting people to contribute their financial resources so we can allow them to share in a far bigger contribution to society, a chance to give meaningful, profound images to the world that convey compassion and world unity. There will be cultural and environmental events at each site on an ongoing basis that will focus on education and hope for the future.

All potential sites for the monument need to have public access.

A bronze placard will be installed at the base of each of the monuments honoring the major sponsors.

If you are interested in helping, contact Wyolah Garden.

If you would like to see another international monument project by artist, Osprey Orielle Lake, please visit the Cheemah Monument website at:

To see Osprey Orielle Lake's personal website go to:

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